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Sesame Street Aquarium Sound Book: Sweet Dreams, Dorothy

Rating 4 stars
Sesame Street Aquarium Sound Book Sweet

Publications International, Ltd.

Author: Editors of Publications International / Ltd .

Do you need to get a book? Get yourself a copy of Sesame Street Aquarium Sound Book: Sweet Dreams, Dorothy written by Editors of Publications International / Ltd! Written by Editors of Publications International / Ltd. and it was published sometime in 2008 by Publications International, Ltd. The book has 10 pages. To take advantage of the low price I discovered, click on our partners via the link on this page.

If your preschooler loves the Disney Princesses, this is really a must-have book. Each page capabilities a different texture for curious fingers to feel and explore. The rhymes tell brief stories about The Little Mermaid s Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, and Beauty as well since the Beast s Belle. Preschoolers will enjoy feeling diverse textures on each page and pressing buttons to hear lively sounds. As readers and pre-readers adhere to the story, they can find the matching buttons and press them to hear fairy tale animal sounds and music. Disney Princesses: Animal Friends is an interactive touch-and-feel book from the popular Play-a-Sound series, featuring five fairy tale rhymes. Children press the buttons to hear 5 fairy tale sounds: Flounder swimming in the sea with Ariel Cinderella s merry mouse friends scampering Birds chirping in Snow White s forest Belle s horse whinnying A royal musical flourish Children can use their tiny hands to explore a different texture on each page: Sebastian s lobster claws Flounder s scales A friendly mouse s furry belly Velvety bird feathers A horse s soft hide Illustrated icons in the text match five big, vivid buttons on the panel at the side from the book.


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