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Elmo's Little Dreidel (sesame Street) (sesame Steet 123)

Rating 4 stars
Elmos Little Dreidel

Random House Books for Young Readers

MPN: 9780375873966
ISBN: 0375873961
Author: Naomi Kleinberg

When Elmo celebrates the first night of Hanukkah with his friend Gil and his family, he enjoys everything, but his favorite part is when they play a new game called dreidel.
Elmo's Little Dreidel is a must own baby book. The author is Naomi Kleinberg and the publisher is Random House Books for Young Readers. This baby book was available on the 27th of September, 2011. The baby book is 12 pages long and it incorporates a number of beautifully colored illustrations. The baby book highlights Dreidel, Hanukkah and Board books, click on the hyperlink below.

What's a dreidel? He watches Gil, Susie, and their parents light the menorah and joins in as they sing Hanukkah songs. This sturdy board book introduces toddlers to the traditions of the Jewish Festival of Lights and even teaches them the way to play dreidel themselves! Elmo wants to understand! And, at the end inside the evening, Elmo gets his first Hanukkah gift— his very own little dreidel! He finds out as he celebrates the first night of Hanukkah with a friend's family. After supper he learns to play dreidel, the standard Hanukkah spin-the-top game.


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