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Elmo Loves You! (sesame Street)

Rating 4 stars
Elmo Loves You

Dalmatian Pr

MPN: 9781403716941
ISBN: 1403716943
Author: Sarah Albee

The author is Sarah Albee and it was published around January of 2007 by Dalmatian Pr. The book has 24 pages. The baby book dimensions are 7.99" Height x 0.08" Length x 7.99" Width and has a weight of 0.2 lbs. For more information on this book, click on the shopping cart button.

Everyone loves something‚ Ä î it‚ Ä ô s true! ‚ Ä ù This really is a natural for Valentine‚ Ä ô s Day plus a sweet, reassuring poem about love that kids will enjoy year round. For example, babies love noise and kids love toys; Bert loves pigeons and pigeons love to coo, and so on. At a quantity of points the lively rhyming text breaks for a moment to remind young readers that ‚ Ä ú Elmo loves you! Elmo explains how each individual has something special they care about.


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