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1 2 3: Sesame Street Slide And Learn Flash Cards

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1 2 3 Sesame Street Slide And Learn

Hinkler Books, Ideals Publications

ISBN: 1741859964
Author: Sesame Workshop

Would you like to acquire a book? Look at 1 2 3: Sesame Street Slide And Learn Flash Cards by Sesame Workshop. The author is Sesame Workshop and it was published in August of 2009 by Hinkler Books, Ideals Publications. The child's book has 15 pages. It's dimensions are 1.7" Height x 7" Length x 4.6" Width. It weighs roughly 1.1 lbs. For the best deal on this book and various other books, click on the market add to cart button below.

Kids will have fun playing with the Sesame Street gang while making their numeracy skills. The set consists of a parent guide with fun skill-building activities. These cards are produced to construct numeracy and promote numerical activities, and allow children to discover varied number patterns. Each box consists of 30 interactive slide panels written and created with teachers.


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